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Natural Ventilators

Natural Ventilators

Heat Mover Ventilator
Designed for removal of high heat problems for industrial buildings if structural
limitations do not allow for heavier ventilators. The ingenious design combines
quick installation with pre-assembled modules, low-profile design.
Heat Mover S Ventilator
High performance extreme heat extraction ventilator designed specifically for
industrial complexes where the most efficient natural is necessary. Designed
to cope with some of the smallest required gaps to handle whilst dealing with
extreme industrial heat problems.
Heat Mover S CE Ventilator
A universal ventilator for industrial enterprises. It combines outstanding coefficient
discharge with the requirement for smoke and heat exhaust. It has been tested
according to the EN 12101-2 for European Standard.
Heat Mover Vulcan Ventilator
Our most recent ventilator specifically designed for industrial application. The
ventilator is approved according to European Standard EN 12101-2 and
classifications of B600 and T (-30°).
High Capacity Discharge Ventilator
Designed for industrial buildings for maximum discharge of heat, smoke and fumes.
Constructed from profile sheet metal fixed to galvanised steel frameworks that is
formatted in continuous runs down the length of the building.
Streamline Ridge Ventilator
Designed to provide natural ventilation in buildings where nominal ventilation rates
are required through solar gain, light engineering processes or general
Merlin Ventilator
Specifically designed for fire ventilation that can be either wall or roof mounted.
The Merlin is an operable louvered ventilation system and its main purpose is to
exhaust smoke.
Swift Ventilator
Specifically designed for fire ventilation that can be mounted to roof or wall. The
vent is an operable flap ventilation system which primary use is to exhaust smoke.
Pressure Release Panel Ventilator
Meets the current standard for external walls and is intended for buildings with
high risks of explosion, for example; in gas-fired power plants with electrical
switchgears, serving pressure release in case of an electric arc disturbance.  

What are Natural Ventilators?
Zefyr’s “Natural Ventilator” systems are world leading high performance extract ventilators that allow for the easy escape of hot / stale / smokey air, normally from the roof of a building. 

Zefyr’s “Natural Ventilator” systems are often applied to buildings that experience extreme indoor working conditions, in order to create as comfortable an environment as possible (whilst complying with building codes and regulations). 

“Natural Ventilators” benefits the environment and are a cheaper alternative to air-conditioning plants. Operable options allow for the full control of air flow rates whilst ensuring full weather protection. These systems also provide safety by allowing for the clearance of smoke.

All Zefyr “Natural Ventilator” products have been fully tested in airflow performance, weathering performance, acoustic performance and structural performance. A wide variety of materials and finishes are available so that the ventilators can reach aesthetical requirements.
Data Sheets
Technical Data for Zefyr Natural Ventilator product - Heat Mover Ventilator; Installation, Air Flow Characteristics, Weather Performance, Acoustic Performance, Structural and Unit Size.
Technical Data for Zefyr Natural Ventilator product - Heat Mover S Ventilator; Installation, Construction, Air Flow Characteristics, Weather Protection, Acoustic Performance, Structural, Unit Size and Operation.
Technical Data for Zefyr Natural Ventilator product - High Capacity Discharge Ventilator; Materials, Installation, Controls, Performance, Structural and Unit Sizes.
Technical Data for Zefyr Natural Ventilator product - Merlin and Swift Ventilators; Mounting (Wall or Roof), Installation, Dimensions, Weights, Materials, Finishes, Insulation and Actuator Systems
Technical Data for Zefyr Natural Ventilator product - Stramline Ridge Ventilator; Installation, Performance, Controls, Sizes, Dimensions and Weight.
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Zefyr’s natural ventilation brochure shows "Natural Ventilators" and "Industrial Louvres" in more detail and how they are beneficial to industrial building and factories.
Zefyr's product brochure catalogues the comprehensive range of products that Zefyr have to offer, giving a brief desiccation of each product with visuals.