Zefyr Group

Design, Manufacture and Installation of Innovative Building Solutions for a Sustainable Environment Zefyr specialises in bespoke façade and roofing systems, to suit almost any architectural specification, providing a comprehensive range of bespoke and off-the-shelf solutions. With our global portfolio Zefyr can offer a world-wide service.


Incorporating Robertson Vogue (the ventilation division of H. H. Robertson (UK) Ltd., the  Zefyr Group is one  of the world leaders in the design and manufacture of ‘Natural’ Ventilation and Solar Engineering products and services.

The Zefyr Group has more than 95 years experience in high quality ventilation engineering solutions. Our unique range of products and services are available worldwide through the ever-expanding international network of Zefyr’s partners, licensed manufactures and distributors. If you wish to see any past projects, Case Studies can be downloaded from our website.

Zefyr products have been passionately supplied and installed transnationally - the knowledge and experience gained in all conditions is used to continually develop the range using state of the art technology and systems.

Individual customer needs can be incorporated into the design of complete installations, tailoring the solution, and following it through to completion. This ensures customers receive a complete ‘concept to completion’ service, all the while meeting Zefyr’s sustainable design philosophy. All Zefyr work has been tested and meets all the specifications needed to provide the best cost and quality possible.

Zefyr’s wide range of products can be found on our website and if you require more specific information regarding products we have Data Sheets that can also be downloaded. Please feel free to contact Zefyr with any questions if you wish to receive information about a bespoke project.

Ventilation Solutions

Zefyr can offer a range of products that specialise in

extreme heat extraction for the industrial sector.


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Zefyr work with architects to help them turning their designs to reality within budget. Some of the many ways Zefyr can make architects jobs easier are to offer solutions depending on the specific requirements.

Building Consultants

Zefyr work with building consultants on projects achieving exceptional results. Zefyr has over 95 years experience and has developed solutions to overcome many obstacles met by building consultants


Building Contractor

Zefyr provide the complete solution to Main Contractors – Design – Manufacture – Installation – Service and Maintenance Zefyr focus on budget – speed of installation – quality – safety.

2D/3D Modelling

2D/3D Modelling Zefyr Consultants Ltd. offer technical support for product and system design via two-dimensional and three-dimensional modelling. Our digital models are completed using state-of- the-art computer software by fully-trained professionals and are presented intricately or simplistically depending on client discretion.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Zefyr Consultants Ltd. offer a comprehensive range of Computational Fluid Dynamics services such as Air Flow Modeling for industries including Power Stations, Metal Works, Glass Works, Geothermal Energy, Biofuel Production, Cement Production, Combined Heat and Power, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Manufacturers, Incinerators and Crematoriums.

Product Design

Zefyr Consultants Ltd. offer a bespoke product design service to innovatively solve your unique, architectural problems. Our imaginative building solutions have ranged from: contemporary perforated screening to curved balconies; specialised solar shading to decorative façades; continuous louvers to unconventional access hatches; and high heat ventilation to LED illuminated hand-rails.

System Design

Zefyr Consultants Ltd. provide full architectural designs for construction companies regarding projections for building systems such as large-scale ventilation. This technical support is administered by fully qualified engineers to ensure the very best efficiency and aesthetical quality of the proposed system.

Structural Analysis

Zefyr Consultants Ltd. offer a comprehensive structural analysis of existing and proposed buildings including a detailed Finite Element Analysis of materials. This service can be crucial for evaluating the stability of complex architectural structures and the suitability of design and building components for specific building quandaries.