Solar Shading & Brise Soleil

“Solar Shading”, also know as “Brise Soleil”, can be an important part for any building as it prevents direct sun glare thus reducing over-heating which makes a building more energy efficient - reducing the energy requirements of the building by up to 15%. Solar shading can also reduce solar glare by letting in natural light at the same time as reducing the contrast ratios. This increases visual comfort that can often lead to an increase in worker satisfaction and productivity. ​

“Solar Shading” systems always provide an aesthetically pleasing addition to the building. They are often used solely for their aesthetic properties as they offer the opportunity of differentiating one building façade from another.

Solar shading systems can come in different formats such as; Standard  Projecting solar shade, Louvred/ Stacked Solar shade, Vertical Solar Fin and Horizontal Solar Fins.

Solar Shading & Brise Soleil

Solar Fin / Blade Shapes :

  • Aerofoil

  • Rectangular

  • Triangular

  • Parallelogram

  • Z Shaped

  • Bespoke Design

Applications :

  • Sun shade

  • Climate control

  • Solar protection

  • Solar control

  • Privacy screens

  • Aesthetic feature

Material :

  • Aluminium

  • Timber

  • Steel

  • Stainless steel

  • Specialist materials

Finishes :

  • Mill finish

  • Powder coated

  • Anodised

  • Specialist finish

Solar shading (Brise Soleil)
Vertical Blind (Brise Soleil)
Horizontal Blind (Brise Soleil)
Z Shaped Solar Fins
Aerofoil / Elliptical Solar Fins
Parallelogram Solar Fins
Expanded Mesh Solar Fin
Perforated Solar Fins
Feature fins
Terracotta Solar Fins
Glass Solar Fin
Timber Solar Fins
Louvred Brise Soleil
Vertical Brise Soleil
Brise Soleil Canopy
Circular Pelmet
Bullnose Pelmet
Rectangular Pelmet
Solar Shading Corners
Curved Solar Shading
Facated Solar Shading
Profiled Side Arms
Solid Side Arms
Fix to Feature Fins
Fixed to Steel Columns
Fix to Curtain Walling
First fix brackets
Extreme span / centre support
Brise soleil Entrance Screen
Bespoke openings
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Facated Solar Shading