Architectural Screening & Facades

Zefyr’s “Architectural Screenings” are tailor-designed; bespoke façade and roofing systems that are flexible suit design principles. The use of a wide variety of materials including timber, aluminium, steel, stainless steel and many more, allow all design scenarios to be catered for. 
Zefyr’s facades and roofing systems can be tailored such that they can be used for more than just hiding structures or plant and machinery, but can be used to clad buildings, such as multi-storey car parks, to help provide ventilation and aesthetically enhance the appearance of the structure. Our screening systems often need bespoke design to incorporate with doors, gates and barriers.

Solar Shading & Brise Soleil

“Solar Shading”, also know as “Brise Soleil”, can be an important part for any building as it prevents direct sun glare thus reducing over-heating which makes a building more energy efficient - reducing the energy requirements of the building by up to 15%. Solar shading can also reduce solar glare by letting in natural light at the same time as reducing the contrast ratios. This increases visual comfort that can often lead to an increase in worker satisfaction and productivity. ​

“Solar Shading” systems always provide an aesthetically pleasing addition to the building. They are often used solely for their aesthetic properties as they offer the opportunity of differentiating one building façade from another.

Weather Louvres & Ventilation

Weather louvre ventilation products are systems made from groups of either fixed or operable blades, mounted in a frame. The purpose of a louvre is to let in the required light and air whilst keeping out unwanted elements such as water, dirt, direct sunshine, noise and debris.

As an option they can be fitted with bird guards and insect mesh to stop wildlife from entering. These systems have been designed to achieve optimum efficiency and have been tried and tested with regard to free area, water penetration and resistance to airflow (pressure loss).

Bespoke & Tailor-made Solutions 

Zefyr provide a diverse range of bespoke architectural metalwork systems which can be specifically tailored to suit almost any building design.


Each custom-made piece of metalwork embodies the architect’s intrinsic vision so that they not only act as a necessary, functional component of the building but also become a distinctive and aesthetically-ergonomic feature to project the structure’s exclusivity and originality.